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VidCon hosted 'Animal Jam' hires Barry Conrad for Promotion

Vid Con Animal Jam eventBarry Conrad was hired as Cameraman for a Live Stream of VidCon's Animal Jam Contest for Kids
Interior and Exterior One-Day Shoot Barry Conrad Camera - Sound - Lighting - Editing - Fast Moving Pace
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ANIMAL JAM 'LIVE STREAM' Gaming Contest Promotional Production

Vid Con animal jam promotional game contestOne of Barry Conrad's capabilities is that of capturing a Fast Moving Pace when there's no room for error. This was put to the test at VidCon recently when young fans and Gaming Competitors and Developers ran a Live Stream of 'Animal Jam'.

Live Streaming Promotion for Vid ConBarry's vast experience has involved considerable Live Events but nothing like Camera work on a Live Stream with a large crowd of young fans, competitors and gaming developers can test a cameraman's true abilities better. The Event was Live, Fast, Competitive and Testing. Barry was able to capture all the Non-Stop Fast Pace Action with his C300, even doing sound and spot-lighting when needed.

Keeping Pace on Red Carpet Live Events can be Live Streaming promotion by Barry Conradtasking, but the young Kids and Gamers ramp up that pace almost two fold. This is why Barry gets called in on these types of shoots to ensure that nothing is missed, nothing gets left out!

Barry's long and vast experience and network of contacts from Camera and Lighting to Audio and Directing and Producing gives the Production firm a comfort zone that their Production will get done on time with whatever pace is required. While Barry's experience entails shooting the Academy Awards, Major Celebrities, Documentaries and Live Events such as VidCon, he also puts together Affordable small business video packages for various clients. So call Barry Conrad today for whatever your Camera Production nee
ds are!

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