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Valero Regional AD Promotional HD Production

Valero Promo adBarry Conrad was hired as Cameraman and Editor for a Special HD Promotional AD for Valero Corporate
Exterior One-Day Shoot Barry Conrad Camera - Sound - Lighting - Editing
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VALERO 2017 United Way Promotional HD Video Ad

Barry Conrad cameram crews
Barry Conrad 'Photo left', produced as well as edited the Promotional Video Ad Presentations for Valero 2017 United Way Campaign. The one-day shoot at Long Beach in Los Angeles County, was shot in limited time frame requirements.  Barry Conrad had to setup all shots in a strategic manner within less than 1 1/2 hours..

valero united way tv ad campaign productionBarry Conrad also did all Post Production and edited the spot into several short Ads for use on TV and Internet for Valero's Promotion of their 2017 United Way Campaign. Barry also had to act as director as well as Cameraman due to limited time and staff available.

valero united way ad
Award Winning Cameraman Barry Conrad saved Valero a lot of time and production expense by running Camera, Audio, Lighting and doing the Post Production himself for several versions of Valero's 2017 United Way Campaign TV Promo.

valero promotional adBarry's experience once again helped his client get the shoot done on time and within Budget, a most important consideration by Production Firms seeking qualified production crews, especially experience Videographers they can rely on.

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