'SVET 2' Promotional Product Commercial HD Production

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Barry Conrad was hired as DP - Camera and LIghting for the Brand New SVET 2 Promotional Product.

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The SVET 2 Light Bulb Production required Strict and Detailed Lighting Set-ups in order to Showcase the Unique Benefits of the Product.

svet 2 light bulb promotional product production
A Variety of different lighting conditions and scenes were scripted that required specific and technical lighting setups. Barry's many years of DP of Photography experience proved a valuable asset on the location working with a variety of different talents and scenes.

light bulb video hd promotional production
It wasn't merely enough just to light the set in a standard manner for broadcast, as the unique functions of the SVET Light Bulb presented a variety of conditions that needed to be illustrated in each scene for the overall production. This is one of those cases where the Talent are the Supporting cast and the SVET Light Bulb's 'Abilities' were the Main Stars.

svet 2 light bulb national product
Using a combination of natural light for daytime scenes blended with creative angles and filters were all used in order to display the abilities of the SVET 2 Light Bulb under specific conditions. One of Barry's strong talents is in elaborate lighting setups for both interior and exterior locations. The task was to emulate the exact look and feel of what a consumer can experience from the SVET 2 Light Bulb and to showcase it's numerous benefits. It's a case where technical scientific diagrams were less important than realistic product results.

SVET 2 light bulb national prmotion
A very valuable benefit to hiring Barry Conrad, as professional firms all over have come to realize, is that you don't just get a camera man, you get a full crew. Having worked on everything from national ad spots, to behind the scene interviews with Major Hollwyood Film and Television Stars to Product Promotion and Corporate Industrial  Presentations,  has provided Barry Conrad a vast array of Broadcast Production Experience. Whatever your Production requirements may be, from HD to 4K , lighting and sound to Post Production, contact Barry today for a Free Quote.  You'll be glad you did!

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