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Straight out of Star Wars you might say The Force Awakens a New Robot Product for Advanced Industrial use from Hawk Industries. Barry Conrad was called upon to produce a Video presentaion of Hawk's New Industrial Factory Robot the T-Wrex Junior. Contact Barry at BarCon Video ProductionsEmail Barry Conrad

T-Wrex Junior New Industrial Advanced Robot Video
Hired by Hawk Industries for their Star Wars type Robot

T-Wrex Junior robot industrial promotionHawk Industries wanted to market and showcase their Star Wars like Robot  that the Force Has Awakened on their New 'T-WREX Junior', so they called upon Barry Conrad to Shoot their Industrial Video Presentation. Barry showcased their advanced technology's most Powerful Features demonstrating the T-WREX in Action.

corporate industrial video presentationsWhen it comes to specialty drilling tools for the oil and gas industry, Hawk Industries wrote the book.  U.S.-based  Hawk Industries designs, manufactures and markets innovative technologies through their network of agents and distributors worldwide. Every product they've ever manufactured is still at work somewhere in the world. Hawk takes pride in the level of reliability, safety and service their products deliver, as well as the numerous international patents they hold.  It was on this note that Hawk brought in Barry Conrad to shoot their unique Star Wars like Robot Power Tong, the T-WREX Junior.

industrial corporate product video productionsBarry brought out the best of the T-WREX capabilities in every way to ensure that when it came down to marketing, Hawk Industries could make a showcase out of their powerful  Power Tong.  Barry Conrad has produced 'too many to mention' indepth video productions for Kaiser Permanente Hospital over the years as well as a vast array of industrial and corporate video presentations. Barry knows ahead of time exactly what the client is looking for. Most savvy clients whom have worked with Barry before simply show him the storyboard, go get a cup of coffee and turn him loose.

t-wrex junior power tong video productionBarry's World Wide Client list call on  him first when they have difficult and inventive video production requirements. No matter what your Industrial or Corporate product, project, location, camera or lighting requirement you have, Barry Conrad can provide you with the experience, crew and equipment to make it a success. From HD to 4K and High End Film Look Cameras, Barcon Video Productions is your one stop Production Facility. With Barry's vast network of Industry Professionals, there is no production too large or too small. Barry's Production rates are affordable and professional.

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