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Barry Conrad DP Cameraman at Movie EventBarry has always enjoyed doing Interviews with Hollywood's Major Stars. His friendly professional attitude has allowed him access to interviews others were denied. Instead of listing all of the Hollywood Film and TV Celebrities Barry has videotaped and interviewed during his career, it is far simpler to say there's few he hasn't filmed.  During an Academy Awards event Barry was on the Red Carpet to video the Stars when his long time friend and co-worker Jackie Earle Haley, Academy nominee, walked up. It was a Pleasant surprise for both.
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Movie Premiere Celebrity Red Carpet Project Demo


celbrity film star interviews Harrison FordHollywood Celebrity Movie Star Event Interviews featuring  a host of Movie Stars and Film Executives. Barry Conrad was there at the Directors Guild of America for the Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere Event of the Film 'Paranoia' starring Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfus, and a cast of Celebrities.

Barry is well accustomed to the Hollywood scene as he has probably been the DP Cameraman on more Celebrity Starshollywood Film locations Directors Build America from the 80's to Current than any other Videographer in the country. This Special Event required Fast moving camera work to grab all the celebrities with a large crowd and media covering the scene at the DIRECTORS GUILD of AMERICA.

Barry is used to having to move fast and get the hard to get shots as one of the Top 3 'shooters' on the #1 Rated NBC Series 'Real Stories of the Highway Patrol' in the 90's, where the unexpected was the common place, getting those unique angles and Celebrity moments are one of his Specialties.

Barry has the ability to combine standard News ENG work with the sophistication and seasoning to diplomatically grab those  often crowded Celebrity One-on-One Interviews for the Producer. Barcon's Camera Crews are  all Highly Skilled in the Hollywood Production of Films, TV, Commercial Advertising and Broadcast Documentaries to Corporate Industrial Promotionals, ADs and conferencing events. Few camermen can claim the credentials and experience that Barry Conrad has acquired over his many years in the Industry. Lights, Camera, Action are an every day occurance for this Experienced DP. To Barry, events like this Red Carpet Movie Event are just like 'Goin' to the Movies!'