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Boston Dental Extended Production Promotional Presentation

boston dental signBarry Conrad Barcon Video Productions was hired to Produce a Special Extended HD Video Promotional for Boston Dental
Interior and Exterior One-Day Shoot Barry Conrad Camera - Sound - Lighting - Editing
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Boston Dental Group Extended Promotional Video

boston dental vdieo production
Barry Conrad produced and edited a series of Promotional Video Presentations for Boston Dental Group of Southern California. The one-day shoot in Los Angeles California involved tricky setups on location at the Dental Groups main office under normal working hours.

Dental Group HD ProductionWhile it is obviously ideal to be able to bring in a host of professional equipment, there are some jobs shot on location during actual business hours for effect, that require an exprienced camera crew and adaptable modern mini-lighting equipment and setups. In this case, Barry Conrad wore all the Hats, Camera, Audio, Lighting, Scripting as well as Post Production.

boston dental group award winning dentist
Award Winning Dentist Dr. Thein personally enlisted Barry Conrad's assistance in the making of an extended Promotional Presentation for the Dental Group.

boston dental group extended promo
 Barry's adaptable abilities once again proved a tremendous value when time, location and budget restraints are the obstacles that must be overcome to produce a professional looking Promotional Piece that fully represents the quality and image of the firm.

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