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Barry Conrad produced and edited a series of Documentary Programs that have aired on channels such as Sci-Fi for MCA/Universal, one of which was the highest rated program during it's time period. This latest Production may prove to be his best one to date. Case Files Unknown is a Documentary concept developed and produced entirely by Barry Conrad in the US.

barry conrad documentary us producerHaving been in the Broadcast TV and News field for over 25 years, Barry Conrad pulls upon the years of experience of camera work, production and post production expertise in order tp put together a Series such as Case Files. Functions such as Setups, location scouting, guests, expert interviews are all part of putting together a Broadcast Television Program for Licensing.

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The First Episode included a variety of Locations throughout the United States with a variety of credible witnesses and experts examining unique footage and stories acquired by Barry Conrad including startling photographic evidence.

barry conrad documentary producer USBarry Conrad's  adaptable abilities prove to be a valuable asset whether it is shooting and producting his own Broadcast Programs or as a 'hire' for High Line Production firms. Barry Conrad will soon be Marketing the Licensing of this new Documentary for Broadcast.

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