Land Rover National Ad Promotional HD Demo

land rover national ad production
Barcon Video was hired as Camera-DP for Land Rover National Promotions featuring James Bond's 'Money Penny' and Pirates Actress 'Tia Dalma' Naomi Harris.
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Barcon Video was brought in as DP Camera and Sound Crew for National Land Rover Promotional Spot

land rover naomi harris production
Actress Naomi Harris, Co-Star of 'Disney's Pirates' as 'Tia Dalma', and Co-Star of the recent James Bond Film as 'Money Penny', does on-camera Ad for Land Rover as Barry Conrad acts as DP Camera.

national land rover production

Shot on Location at Santa Monica Pier using a wire frame and Land Rover's Brand New 'Range Rover', Barry Conrad has to get a numerous variety of shots within a short time frame prior to sunset on a rushed one-day-shoot for the Land Rover Agency. Camera, Lighting and Sound were used while working with Land Rover's Still Photography crew.

auto manufacturer promotional production
As a one-day shoot that started at 6am in Beverly Hills, CA, the day was split in half as product shots of the new Range Rover were needed against a background of lush jewelry and art shops on Rodeo Drive. Building's and surroundings prevented a sunrise series of shots so Barry had to adapt at thte last minute to achieve a similar look.

national automobile promotional spot production
Two of the main rules of the Entertainment Industry when it comes to Production requirements under limited time frames with mulitple locations are 'Time is Money' and 'Scripted/Storyboarded Shots are Achieved'.  Barry Conrad's work with hundreds of high-line National Ad agencies and Promotional Firms allows him to pull from years of experience working in pressured situaitons to acheive the desired results his clients are striving for.

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